Awthentik Vibes Entertainment

JR Lingad, best known as "deejayskitz" a native Los Angeles DJ

J.R. Lingad, best known as "deejayskitz", is a native Los Angeles DJ who is highly sought after for his unique style behind the turntables. Seamlessly bridging classic hip-hop, r&b, old school, electronica, reggae, and everything in between, he has created a unique lane for himself that differentiates himself from the rest.


Awthentik Vibes is a DJ crew based out of Los Angeles. What started as a passion for music became a vehicle for healing to these individuals. Music is a universal language that speaks to everyone. It brings out the emotions of joy, love, and happiness while awakening fond memories. When you are having a good time, all worries are forgotten Awthentik Vibes is committed to spreading joy and making each event memorable. "It goes beyond just playing music. It's about creating lasting memories because that's what people remember. Those are the times people wish they can rewind and play all over again". Awthentik Vibes takes pride in being chosen as the entertainment for each special event. They have been around for nearly 20 years with continued business and referrals anywhere from Hawaii to New York due to clients' positive endorsements.

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